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My daughter has had mild eczema since birth, we have used store bought creams to help smooth her body for two years, but this winter the eczema got worse. After weeks her itching, sleepless nights and irritability because of here eczema flare ups, a friend finally told me about Hairtree products. After only 4 days of using the remedy cream, my baby's skin was clear! I will use nothing but this product on her ever again! Thanks so much :)....from Sarah, Sarnia, ON 

I got some of the calming shampoo for my aunt as she is battling cancer and just finished chemo, and was advised by her doctor to use a gentle, chemical free shampoo on her new growth of hair as it is so sensitive.. She is so very happy with the results she has been seeing already! It is wonderful to be able to bring up her spirits and make her feel wonderful again! Thank you HAIRTREE for all the hard work you do! You have no idea just how much you have changed lives!....from Tinielle, Dresden, ON

There's no rating system on this page but if I could rate HairTree Products it would be 5/5! Working in childcare, I wash my hands at least 150 times in a shift leaving my hands cracked, bleeding and often swollen. After using Remedy Body Therapy for a week, my hands are 80% healed. I've tried hundreds of products over the past several years to help with my eczema and nothing has helped like this stuff!! I am a "lifer" when it comes to Remedy! Plan on buying the whole line as soon as I can! from Sarah B, Chatham, ON

I've been using your hair products for about six weeks now and I just wanted to let you know that I have seen a DRAMATIC difference in my hair.  My friend just mentioned today that she thought my hair was much healthier looking.  I'm really, really happy with the products!  Thanks to your formulas I'm having a much better relationship with my hair! LOL....from Sandra, Chatham ON

Products are amazing!  After years of having allergic reactions to every lip balm, that caused redness and swelling. I tried HairTree Therapy`s Lip ResQ and had amazing results. No chemicals, no allergic reaction. My lips are so smooth, soft and moist. It's amazing...from Heather, Thamesville ON

OMG!!  I have used your facial line ONLY 4 times now and I am IN LOVE!!!!!  I can't get over how smooth my skin is...I can't stop touching it!  The Age Reverse Firming Clay Mask did just what you thought it would...deminished my blackheads considerably, and LESSENED all the little lines around my eyes, forehead, mouth!!!  It felt wonderful too! Amazing products. Will be getting every line offered. Thank you...from Amanda, Wallaceburg, ON

The Silk Nail Repair is incredible for my nails and cuticles but even helps to heal burn wounds and small cuts and abrasions...I have tested it on myself and also a friend of mine who was burnt with hot wax...seems to make things speed up the healing process...It may be better than the name brand scar healing stuff...OMG the hair products...I started with the hair system 3 months ago...what once was a frizzy mess is now beautiful shiny curls THAT I AM LOVING!!!  I may be able to straighten (flat iron) my hair more often as my hair is not dry any more :) Thanks HTT...from Mel, Chatham, ON

All the HairTree Therapy Systems have changed my entire family`s look on body/hair care products forever! The hair line has transformed my oily root area, dried out frizzy ends to beautiful, healthy, perfect hair.The facial line has given me a healthy, unscarred complexion. Most of all, the body skin care line has cleared not only our exzema skin, but also those that suffer from foliculitis is our home. We trust & believe in these products so much, we love sharing them with everyone! Cut down on the products in your bathroom. HairTree is simple, healthy, and natural. Why wouldn't you want to use it?...From Robin, Bothwell, ON 

There is so much to say about the hair products. They leave your hair soft, manageable and shiny. I can't believe the difference in my hair. I will never go back to regular shampoo again. And the S& S & S leave in spray does wonders with the shine and strength of your hair. It also helps with the frizzies. If you use these products, you will never go without them again. The body lotion is also great for softening up your hands, arms and legs. You will notice quite a difference after only a few uses. The nail re-pair is great too. You can't go wrong with any of the Hair Tree products. The products rock....from Karla, London, ON

Once you use HAIR TREE you will SEE amazing change in your Hair. You won't go back to old products, makes my hair come alive...from Brenda, Dresden, ON

My twin 8 month old sons had the stomach flu  and ended up with diaper rash, quite badly! All their little private parts were red, irritated, rashed, inflamed.  I had contacted Hairtree Therapy to ask for recommendations. The owner, developer herself spoke with me. Steered me in the PERFECT direction!!! She had recommended that I try the ReMedy and the OatMeal Heal Bath. Which I then ordered right away. 2 days later...applying remedy after every diaper change, and bathing my boys with the oatmeal heal bath...there is NO sign of diaper rash!! Nothing!! Clear, perfect, little baby butts!!  I have pitched all of my previous diaper creams right in the garbage. I am a HairTree customer through and through. Amazing products for all ages!! Amazing results!  from: Anne, Toronto, ON

I discovered Hair Tree products when I was searching for an all natural product for my hair. I am using Hair Therapy Hair & Scalp line and love the vibrance and shine my hair has now and have not purchased any store bought products since. Knowing how incredible Erin's products are, I branched out to her facial line and use the Age ReVerse Clay Mask. My face feels so soft and it glows after use. The Lip ResQ has also saved my poor chapped lips. Thank you Erin -- you are a genius....from Tanya

I get cold sores every year and this year I started using the Lip ResQ shortly before it "broke out" and I SWEAR my cold sore is not as bad as it usually gets. Next time I will make sure that I have the Lip resQ on hand as soon as I feel that tingle and dryness because I think it'll be even better then....from Nortina, Wallaceburg, ON

Love all the products but really love the hair system. My hair is very straight and thinning,but using the hair products gives my hair body allowing me to curl my hair without having to use "goop" AND I have new hair growing!! My hair is healthy and shiny!! Thanks HairTree Therapy for all the wonderful products....from Joyce, Tilbury, ON

I do believe that we have a home town "SECRET" with HairTree products... Everyone is looking for NO CHEMICALS in products now a days... my husband and I both use ALL of the products and feel that they are so good for our health.. Keep up the great work...soon your products will be on the shelves of many many stores...from Heather, Dresden, ON

I could not find a shampoo that stopped my head from being itchy.  I have used inexpensive to extremely expensive shampoo's and none seem to work.  Still the same itching.  I had used anti dandruff and oatmeal shampoo and still itching.  I tried this "Hair tree" shampoo and cream cleanser and omg...It worked immediately!  No itching and my hair was shinny, full of volume, silky and smooth I am a customer for life.  No turning back to all those other shampoos. I will not do it.  It is a great product and with it being chemical free it is even better.  No more putting stuff in my hair that we don't  want in our body's let alone our environment.  Thank you for creating such a great product...from Pat, Florence, ON

I love how the Hairtree leaves zero residue buidup.  It is perfect for my extremely fine fair.  Great volume!...from Michelle, Windsor, ON

Holy freakin WOW.. I've only used HairTree Therapy Systems-- twice!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE ALREADY! My hair is softer, even my curls look better. And doesn't feel as dry..The facial system is also amazing..skin feels so much cleaner and tighter..such an amazing list of ingredients. THANK YOU for everything! Do you have gift certificates??? I'll be sending my husband your way my birthday coming up.. Thanks again!!...from Shannon, Wallaceburg, ON

I'm so excited to share this with you. I finally got my sons to use the body wash exclusively for the last month or so, and I just about fell off my chair today when I made this discovery! They both have suffered from Folliculitis since infancy and it has all but disappeared! Your HairTree body wash has accomplished what our physician has been unable to do for the last 8 years!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...from Robin, Bothwell, ON


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