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Ultimate Daily Exfoliate: Experience the gentle power of our Ultimate Daily Exfoliant. This mild daily scrub features ultra-fine jojoba beads, finely ground apricot shells, rosemary, and blueberry seed extracts, working together to delicately eliminate dead skin cells. Simultaneously, it infuses your skin with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and natural anti-aging agents, promoting cell rejuvenation while firming and toning your skin. Natural earth clays are harnessed to detoxify the skin, drawing out impurities like dirt, makeup, and pore-clogging bacteria. Additionally, natural fruit extracts and botanical oils help absorb excess sebum and minimize pore size, reducing the risk of breakouts. The result is a naturally beautiful, clear, and youthful glow. One product that addresses all your skincare concerns in a single step! Suitable for all skin types, for both the face and body. (Naturally scented with organic oils of peppermint, rosemary, and citrus fruits)


Important Notice: Please be aware that our shipping policies have changed. At checkout, you'll see a shipping cost of ZERO. After your order is processed, we will contact you via email to arrange separate payment for the calculated shipping expense. This will need to be paid before your order is shipped from our facility. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Ultimate Daily Exfoliate (8oz)

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