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Delve into In-Depth Intuitive Spiritual ReadingsGuidance by Earth Essence, Facilitated by Erin Erickson​Experience a unique and non-traditional spiritual service that elevates your energy and connects you with the spiritual realm. These readings offer profound insight, guidance, and clarity to areas of your life where it's needed most. It's an opportunity to release, recover, and reconnect with your inner self. When it comes to these intuitive readings, all I need from you is a recent photograph of yourself (without hats or sunglasses), your full name (including any previous last names you've used), and your date of birth. I use this information during my meditation before your spiritual reading. By repeating your name and focusing on your third eye chakra (using the provided photo), I establish a connection with your energy and the energies that surround you at this moment. I invite your higher self and spiritual team to join me and my angelic team to convey insights, guidance, and any messages they want to share with you. While I'm not a "medium" or "psychic," I can tap into people's energies and the prevailing energies in their lives, intuitively interpreting messages through various divination tools. My approach involves using several different decks, including tarot and oracle cards, along with charms, runes, and crystals to provide a comprehensive reading. Readings can focus on any aspect of your life you choose, such as love/romance, career/finance, well-being/spirituality/life purpose, or more general themes where your spiritual team imparts what you need to hear at that moment. I intuitively interpret these messages as they come to me during the session. There's no rush in sending me your details, photo, or deciding on the type of reading you prefer. As long as I have all the necessary information by the day before your scheduled reading, it's perfect. Charms, runes, and crystals are usually introduced after the reading concludes, offering further clarity and serving as a beautiful way to conclude the session. These final messages help you move forward with confidence. Within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment day, I will provide you with private/unlisted YouTube links. These links ensure your reading remains confidential, and no one else can access or search for them. We'll stay connected to book your session at my earliest availability.Feel the love and light always, Er


Tarot, Oracle, Crystal, Charm and Rune Readings

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