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Indulge in the sweetest treat for your skin! If you're on the hunt for a soft shimmer that also lavishes your skin with intense moisture, look no further than our all-natural Solid Shimmer Body Butter. Our one-of-a-kind formula brings you the best of both worlds – a gentle shimmer that adds a touch of radiance to your skin and a lavish body butter that deeply hydrates and spoils your skin. And here's a little travel tip for our jet-setters – a touch of shimmer on the skin graciously minimizes the appearance of dimpled or uneven skin texture, making it a must-have for holiday sun lovers! Enriched with natural ingredients handpicked for their incredible moisturizing qualities, this body butter will leave your skin feeling velvety-soft, supple, and exquisitely luminous. Oh, and let's not forget the delightful aroma of raw cocoa and vanilla bean – it's so tempting, you'll smell good enough to eat! Suitable for all skin types and versatile for both face and body application, our convenient packaging makes it a breeze to roll up, apply, and go – no mess, no fuss! Say farewell to lackluster, parched skin, and welcome a soft glow, sweet shimmer, and a silky-smooth complexion that's perfect for any occasion, any time of the year. Treat yourself to the irresistible sensation of our Solid Shimmer Body Butter today!


Important Notice: Please be aware that our shipping policies have changed. At checkout, you'll see a shipping cost of ZERO. After your order is processed, we will contact you via email to arrange separate payment for the calculated shipping expense. This will need to be paid before your order is shipped from our facility. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Solid Shimmer Body Butter (2.5oz)

C$21.00 Regular Price
C$18.00Sale Price
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