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“Creativity & Expression” crystal set~ a captivating ensemble of crystals meticulously chosen to ignite your inner artist and elevate your expressive powers. This delightful collection features a symphony of Blue Aventurine, Blue Apatite, Blue Agate, Sodalite, Citrine, Amethyst, Yellow Calcite, and Carnelian, each contributing its unique energy to unlock the doors to your creative spirit.Blue Aventurine, with its tranquil and calming properties, fosters a serene mind as the canvas for your creative endeavors. Blue Apatite, the stone of inspiration, awakens your imagination, encouraging bold and visionary thinking.Blue Agate soothes and harmonizes your communication skills, ensuring your artistic vision is conveyed with clarity and eloquence. Sodalite, a symbol of self-expression, helps you articulate your thoughts and feelings with grace.Citrine, with its sunny disposition, infuses your creative process with enthusiasm and joy. Amethyst, the muse of intuition and spirituality, connects you to the wellspring of inspiration within.Yellow Calcite, a crystal of the mind, enhances mental clarity and focus, ensuring your creativity flows effortlessly. Carnelian, like a passionate fire, fuels your artistic pursuits with vibrant energy and determination.Together, this radiant array of crystals sparks the flame of creativity within you, allowing your artistic expressions to flow freely and authentically. Whether you're an artist, writer, musician, or simply seeking to infuse your life with more creative zest, the 'Creativity & Expression Set' empowers you to harness the limitless potential of your imagination.Embrace this enchanting set, and let its energies guide you on a journey of self-expression, innovation, and artistic discovery. It is your trusted companion in the realm of creativity, where ideas come to life, and expression knows no bounds.


Crystals will range from 1/2" to 2"


IMPORTANT NOTICE! Shipping Policies have changed! At "checkout", it will state ZERO for shipping cost. All orders that require shipment will be contacted directly by email AFTER the order has processed. The calculated shipping expense is to be paid separately and prior to the order leaving the facility.

Creativity & Expression Collection

C$22.00 Regular Price
C$16.00Sale Price
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