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HairTree Therapy has introduced our incredibly versatile all-natural hair care wonder – a product with endless possibilities! "ReFresh Conditioning Milk". Whether you seek a gentle co-poo (conditioner-only wash), a daily conditioner, or a weekly hair treatment, our solution is your ultimate go-to. This chemical-free marvel is meticulously crafted with the purest natural ingredients. It's the ideal choice for those in search of a gentle alternative to traditional shampoos. As a co-poo, it cleanses your scalp and hair without stripping away their precious natural oils, ensuring your locks remain soft and nourished. We've harnessed the power of organic oils and herbal extracts to offer a mild cleansing experience that simultaneously provides non-build-up softening and detangling effects to your hair. But that's just the beginning of its magic. Need a daily conditioner that imparts manageability, volume, and a silky sheen to your hair? Our product effortlessly transforms into your trusted daily conditioner, offering balanced moisture and a radiant brilliance to your locks, day in and day out. And when your hair craves extra pampering, turn it into a luxurious weekly treatment. Let its natural goodness seep deep into your strands, revitalizing and rejuvenating your hair from root to tip, all through the night as you sleep! No matter how you choose to use it, our chemical-free, all-natural Conditioning Milk is a testament to pure, hair-loving nourishment. Bid farewell to harsh chemicals and embrace a versatile hair care solution that guarantees your locks look and feel their absolute best, every single day of the week. Gift your hair the essence of nature and experience the transformation today!


Important Notice: Please be aware that our shipping policies have changed. At checkout, you'll see a shipping cost of ZERO. After your order is processed, we will contact you via email to arrange separate payment for the calculated shipping expense. This will need to be paid before your order is shipped from our facility. Your satisfaction is our priority!

ReFresh Conditioning Milk (8oz)

C$18.50 Regular Price
C$17.00Sale Price
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