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Just released special!!!


HairTree Therapy has introduced “ReFresh Hair, Scalp and Skin Cleanse" – a versatile, all-natural cleanser designed to cater to your hair, scalp, and skin care needs from head to toe. This remarkable product is suitable for all hair and skin types, also making it suitable for people of all ages. It's truly a revolution in personal hygiene, hand crafted with utmost care and attention to natural ingredients. Our formula isn't just chemical-free; it's a gentle, nourishing, and nurturing elixir for your face, body, scalp and hair. It's meticulously designed to invigorate your scalp, promote circulation, and elevate overall scalp health. Say farewell to persistent scalp issues and hello to the potential for healthier hair growth. But that's not all – it's also a helpful makeup remover, gently cleansing the skin without causing overstripping or excessive dryness, even for the most sensitive skin types. Enriched with carefully sourced essential oils, botanical extracts, aloe vera, vitamins, omegas, and a hint of shimmery mineral powder, it doesn't just enhance your hair's luster, shine, elasticity, and strength – it redefines what healthy hair should be. And the sensory experience is divine! Our refreshing new aroma is designed to uplift your mood and reenergize your day. Each wash brings a burst of invigorating natural scents that leave you feeling fresh and revitalized. Experience the enchantment of natural ingredients and revitalizing aromas with our chemical-free, skin, scalp and hair-pampering, shine-amplifying, strength-boosting, and mood-enhancing head-to-toe cleanser. Make the switch today for a transformation that goes beyond cleanliness to true radiance and refreshment for your skin, scalp, and hair alike.


Important Notice: Please be aware that our shipping policies have changed. At checkout, you'll see a shipping cost of ZERO. After your order is processed, we will contact you via email to arrange separate payment for the calculated shipping expense. This will need to be paid before your order is shipped from our facility. Your satisfaction is our priority!

ReFresh Cleanse (8oz)

C$18.50 Regular Price
C$17.00Sale Price
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