HairTree Therapy

Taking Natural Beauty To Another Level & Beyond

VitaLize Head To Toe Wash: This luxuriant light to medium lathering wash, provides our hair & skin with an overload of vitamins, minerals & omegas to increase hair growth, nourish the scalp & promote radiance of all skin types. Natural clays and charcoal help with detoxification & gentle cleansing. Salts from the most mineral rich areas of the world encourage cellular repair. Certified oils,extracts & herbs boost scalp & skin circulation to improve clarity& natural glow - while increasing hair strength, elasticity, shine & overall manageability. Nourish, refresh and re-VitaLize from head to toe with HairTree’s New VitaLize Wash Formula!

Clarify H&S Cleanse: This luxuriant light to medium lathering wash, gently removes dirt, oil and buildup for hair and scalp, while increasing overall nourishment and manageability. Boosting the strength and natural shine of the hair. Best suited for oily hair and scalp types, those that tend to shampoo less frequently or those that use extra styling products that can create a weight to the hair shaft.

No-Poo Dry Cleanse: Activate natural volume, texture as well as that clean hair feeling and smell without the need of water or lather!!! HairTree’s “No-Poo” is 100% natural and provides a detox to the scalp and root area of the hair while absorbing excess oils of the hair, amping volume and also drawing out impurities that will rinse down the drain on your next “usual”shampoo routine!

Nature ReVealed Hair and Scalp Soap Bar: Wonderful for ALL Hair Types. Convenient for travelling, trips to the gym and anytime between!!! This beautiful soap bar provides the scalp with an invigorating sensation, which increases scalp health in all aspects, boosts scalp stimulation and circulation, which in turn promotes proper and increased hair growth rate. A mild, yet effective cleansing for your hair and the long list of certified ingredients offer a vitamin over load to the hair, resulting in extra strength, volume, shine and overall manageability.

VitaLize Multi-Conditioning: Properly hydrate the hair without the worry of weigh down or greasy after feeling. This light and creamy conditioning rinse properly balances moisture levels, increases hair strength,and promotes natural illumination of your locks. Soften and smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, decrease unwanted frizz, protect from damage, boost elasticity and aids in the repair of frazzled or split ends. Because of the naturally cleansing effect of the certified ingredients, you may also choice to use this product as a “Co-Poo” between regular washes and it also serves as a wonderful shaving lotion!
VitaLize 3S Spray: This light weight, fine mist spray helps to reduce unwanted frizz, increase natural glow and volume of the hair, boost strength levels, all while protecting your mane from external heat sources and other damaging elements. Strength, Smooth & Shine for all hair types.

Shea&Jojoba Multi-Treatment: Complete nourishment for the scalp,hair and cuticles alike. Enhance hair and nail growth and strength. Calm scalp ailments and moisturize cuticles. This natural treatment delivers results like never before! Benefits for Hair:Increase growth rate, volume, moisture levels, shine, strength and elasticity. Reduce frizz and split ends. Benefits for the Scalp: Reduce or eliminate dry, itchy, flaky scalp. Improve scalp ailments, such as psoriasis etc. Benefits for Nails/Cuticles:Increase nail growth, reduce cracks and chips, soften and moisturize the cuticles.

ReNew Daily Exfoliant: Luxuriate and stand out in the crowd with a rejuvenated, refreshed and youthful glow! Our detoxifying,renewing and healing formula provides a soft exfoliate, and wonderful antioxidant properties, all while cleansing and clarifying pores, firming and hydrating the skin and helping to balance natural oil production. Highly effective for cleansing as well as gently brushing away dead skin cells, yet mild enough touse 1-2x daily.

ReNew Daily Lotion: Imagine the feel of silky smooth skin, without the greasy after feeling of regular lotions. Our comforting, therapeutic and hydrating lotion; glides on the skin beautifully and absorbs readily. Not only offering toning and firming properties but is the ultimate protection barrier! Helping to moisturize, balance hydration, soothe the skin from head to toe, aid in the healing process of skin conditions, reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones, cellulite and even facial wrinkles. Non-pore clogging making this a perfect choice for all skin types, and all ages!

ReStore Bar Lotion: 100% Organic and Vegan. A therapeutic and nourishing solid butter lotion that provides intense moisture to the driest of skin types. Heavily enriched with natural butters and beeswax. Naturally scented with restoring certified oils.

ReMedy: To help repair your extremely dry or cracked hands and feet, lather on our intensely nourishing salve-type cream.Beneficial in the aid and healing of major skin ailments, including eczema and psoriasis.Can also be used to reduce the severity of stretch marks and scars.Wonderful to boost healing levels of minor burns, cuts and scrapes.Can also be used as an “after care” tattoo treatment to keep the newly inked skin from cracking and promote quicker healing time.

Whip Butters: An intensely moisturizing butter whip lotion to promote optimal skin hydration! Formulated to boost cell rejuvenation and repair, increasing moisture levels and acting as a barrier for top protection! Naturally scented in 4 scents. Coco, Nilla, Mint and Nutty.

Natural Deodorant: Eliminate underarm and even foot odour while avoiding the usual white deodorant residue on your skin and clothing when you apply our all-natural deodorizing product. This vegetable-based deodorant is completely chemical-free and contains no artificial colours or fragrances. Will protect against in grown underarm hairs as well.

Age ReVerse Toner: Splash some life into your complexion, improve skin lipid content and promote firmness. Superior detoxification properties that help to cleanse the pores and give you the smooth, soft skin tone you have dreamt of. Balancing moisture levels,rejuvenating the skin, tightening large/open pores and decreasing the appearance of aging! Result: a glowing,youthful complexion!

Age ReVerse Firm Clay Powder Mask: This is a highly intense firming mask that offers you a spa like experience, all in the comfort of your own home. This unique, self mixing mask is specially formulated with Moroccan clays and naturally derived anti-aging actives, to give you a youthful, smoother skin texture within 25 mins. Fighting free radicals and boosting the skin’s natural collagen production. Experiencing a younger YOU,just became much easier!

Age ReVerse Eye& Lip Cream: A lavish and nourishing cream specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.Containing several naturally sourced anti aging actives, vitamins and minerals to combat fine lines and wrinkles, relieve puffy & tired eyes, as well as minimize dark circles. Developed with the most raw and mild ingredients yet provides outstanding results in all aspects of reversing signs of time!
Lip ResQ Protect: This ultra rich lip care is specially formulated to provide an intense protective barrier and encourages the healing of chapped or split skin of the lips. It not only shields your lips from the sun and other elements, but also gives them a soft glossy look and feel. Available in 3 natural flavours. Coco&Nilla, Nutty Buddy and Cool Mint

Outdoor Pro: NOW AVAILABLE in a fine mist spray and a solid rub on bar. Natural and effective formulas that helps to ward off those pesky, summertime insects. Including mosquitoes, black flies, ticks and fleas. Shoo away bugs with HairTree's natural formulas, all while soothing the skin. Can also be used as a head lice repellent. SAFE for the whole family, even our furry family members! NO CLAIMS HAVE BEEN MADE.

Summer Shield Whip: Natural protection for the whole family!! 100% Chemical FREE, unscented and pure and contains non-Nano zinc oxide which acts as a protector to the skin, to scatter or reflect harmful sun rays- instead of absorbing them. Plus, with the high quantity of natural SPF organic butters, oils and extracts, protection is increased even more so. Very high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Our formula can also be used as an after-sun care regimen and even as a diaper rash cream/barrier due to its anti-inflammatory, hydrating and healing properties. NO SPF CLAIMS HAVE BEEN MADE!

Clean Hands: Finally~ clean hands without the harsh alcohols and chemicals. Naturally disinfect your hands, while adding a protective moisture barrier with HairTree Therapy’s “Clean Hands” A therapeutic, hydrating, aloe based, non-sticky formula that is packed full of essential minerals from the Dead Sea and natural “anti” ingredients that provide us with a safe, non irritating, non drying alternative to fight off germs!!

Purely Naked Bath Salts: So pure...it has to be called naked!!! Soak, relax, drift away. Absorb the vast mineral content of our “Naked” bath salts. Containing the most healing and mineral rich salts in the world, added magnesium to help with tired or sore muscles.

ReLease Herbal Bath Salts: Release, de-stress, let your body and mind find a state of pure relaxation with these therapeutic and calming bath salts. Containing the most healing and mineral rich salts in the world,added magnesium to help with tired or sore muscles. Natural clay that promotes detoxification, oats to sooth skin ailments and 100% naturally scented with calming essential oils and herbal flowers.

ReCoup Bath Tea Salts: Recoup, recover, soak away your cold and flu symptoms as well as relieve common aches and pains with these therapeutic and curative bath salts. Containing the most healing and mineral rich salts in the world, added magnesium to help with tired or sore muscles. Teas, herbs and roots that promote overall wellness and 100% naturally scented with alleviating and clearing essential oils.

ReEnergize Herbal Bath Salts: Re-energize, recharge your body and mind with these uplifting and refreshing bath salts. Containing the most healing and mineral rich salts in the world, added magnesium to help with tired or sore muscles. Herbs, extracts and flowers that promote vitality and skin rejuvenation. 100% naturally scented with invigorating and cleansing citrus essential oils.

ReMember Rose Floral Bath Salts: ReMember Rose Floral Bath Salts...made with love and cherished memories of my dearest friend RoseMary. This lovely bath mixture contains the most healing and mineral rich salts in the world, added magnesium to help with tired or sore muscles. Flowers, herbs and extracts that not only promote an overall calming sensation, but also brings a bright, youthful glow to the skin. 100% naturally scented with therapeutic and balancing organic essential oils.

Purely Naked Soap Bar: Such a pure and natural soap bar...it can only be called Naked! Providing gentle cleansing, a soothing and calming effect to all skin types.

Lavender, Oats & Honey Soap Bar: Gentle exfoliation provided by oat flakes and lavender flowers. Naturally scented with Lavender and Chamomile. Relieving skin ailments, boosting moisture levels and fighting free radical damage with honey, evening primrose and oatmeal. Luxuriant skin soothing benefits from natural butters. This soap bar provides a relaxing and therapeutic effect for all skin types.

Citrus & RoseHips Soap Bar: Gentle exfoliation provided by ground orange peel, lemon peel and rosehips. Naturally scented with Lemon, Sweet Orange and Patchouli. Boosting skin firmness and hydration with pumpkin seed powder, while turmeric powder brings skin clarity and a youthful glow. Luxuriant skin soothing benefits from natural butters. This soap bar provides a vitamin over load and a brightening effect for all skin types.

Orange, Clove & Nutmeg Soap Bar: Gentle exfoliation provided by ground orange peel and cloves. Naturally scented with Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Nutmeg and Clove. Hydrating properties from Marshmallow root and luxuriant skin soothing benefits from natural butters. This soap bar provides an invigorating and clarifying effect for all skin types.

Charcoal, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Soap Bar: Throughout the day, toxins and dirt particles tend to clog our pores-creating a dull and matte appearance to the skin. Our complexion becomes “unclear”, sometimes producing an oily residue and pores reveal themselves larger and/or open. Activated charcoal, along with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lemon helps to bind and pull these impurities from our pores, therefore leaving our complexion brighter, detoxified and clear.

Sage, Seeds & Clay Soap Bar: Gentle exfoliation provided by Chia, Hemp & Flax Seeds. Naturally scented with Clary Sage and Lime. Mild detoxifying properties from French Green Clays and luxuriant skin soothing benefits from natural butters. This soap bar provides an uplifing and balancing effect for all skin types.

Cinnamon, Sugar & Honey Scrubby Soap Bar: Organic Sugar Cane & Honey have natural antibacterical properties, are natural sources of alpha hydroxy acids, helps the skin retain hydration, but also draw moisture from the environment into the skin surface. Boosting cell generation& encouraging younger looking skin. The combination of the organic sugars,honey & cinnamon in this natural soap scrub bar provide a gentle exfoliant to fluff away dead skin cells-revealing a fresh, clear & glowing complexion. Beautiful for all skin types.

African Black Soap Bar: African Black Soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is great for deep pore cleansing. It also is effective at removing makeup because of the natural oils and butters it contains. Helping to improve skin tone, regulate or correct sebum production, fade skin discolorations, reduce acne breakouts and chances of acne scarring, lessen skin inflammation/irritations,such as rashes and rosacea.

ReVive Butter Bath Melts: A luxurious butter bath to brighten spirits, clear the mind, calm the body and moisturize the skin to restore a youthful glow! Beautiful ingredients that encourage deep hydration, aid in minor skin ailments and create a protective barrier for the skin!

Bath Fizz&Clay Packs: A fun and fizzy way to brighten you bath water naturally, plus provide the bather with therapeutic and detoxifying properties. Relax the mind, unwind the body and soothe the skin!