HairTree Therapy By: Erin Erickson 

Taking Natural Beauty To Another Level & Beyond 

Perfectly Formulated & Chemical Free Hair & Scalp

Nourish your hair and scalp from the inside, out. Gently wash away dirt, oil and hair product residue with our nutrient rich natural shampoo and "no-poo" cleansers. All of our chemical free hair products are specifically formulated to cleanse and condition your luscious locks, while restoring moisture balance, shine, luster and overall volume and manageability. To best meet the needs of all customers, our treatments are safe to be used on chemically-treated hair and are also fragrance free.

  • Safe For The Whole Family,
    Safe For The Whole Family, Unisex

Clarify Cleanse For Hair & Scalp

A light to medium lather shampoo that boosts strength, elasticity and natural shine of the hair!  Recommended for ALL hair and scalp types. Smooths the cuticle layer of the hair to help reduce frizz and fly aways.  Calms scalp conditions and promotes optimal scalp health.  Cleanses without stripping natural oils that are needed for proper hair growth! Amazing product! Most popular!!

VitaLize Wash

VitaLize Wash is wonderful for unruly hair types, scalp conditions and acne prone skin. This luxuriant light lathering wash, provides our hair, scalp & skin with an overload of vitamins, minerals & omegas to nourish the scalp & promote clear skin. Natural clays and charcoal help with detoxification & gentle cleansing. Salts from the most mineral rich areas of the world encourage cellular repair. Certified oils, extracts & herbs boost scalp & skin circulation to improve clarity & natural glow. Re-VitaLize from head to toe with HairTree’s VitaLize Wash Formula!  

“No-Poo” Dry Cleanse

100% Vegan and Biodegradable

Activate natural volume, texture as well as that clean hair feeling and smell without the need of water or lather!!! HairTree’s Dry “No-Poo” Cleanse is 100% natural and provides a detox to the scalp and root area of the hair while absorbing excess oils of the hair, amping volume and also drawing out impurities that will rinse down the drain on your next “usual” shampoo routine!  Many customers also use this product as a "matte" base prior to applying make-up, due to its ability to absorb excess oils and prevent the make-up from "creasing" throughout the day! 

Nature ReVealed HAIR & SCALP Bar

Wonderful for ALL Hair Types. Convenient for travelling, trips to the gym and anytime between!!! This beautiful soap bar provides the scalp with an invigorating sensation, which increases scalp health in all aspects, boosts scalp stimulation and circulation, which in turn promotes proper and increased hair growth rate. A mild, yet effective cleansing for your hair and the long list of certified ingredients offer a vitamin over load to the hair, resulting in extra strength, volume, shine and overall manageability.

Each bar is individually hand poured and crafted!

VitaLize Multi Conditioning

Properly hydrate the hair without the worry of weigh down or greasy after feeling. This light and creamy conditioning rinse properly balances moisture levels, increases hair strength, and promotes natural illumination of your locks. Soften and smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, decrease unwanted frizz, protect from damage, boost elasticity and aids in the repair of frazzled or split ends. Because of the naturally cleansing effect of the certified ingredients, you may also choice to use this product as a “Co-Poo” between regular washes and it also serves as a wonderful shaving lotion!

VitaLize 3S Spray

This light weight, fine mist spray helps to reduce unwanted frizz, increase natural glow and volume of the hair, boost strength levels, all while protecting your mane from external heat sources and other damaging elements. Strength, Smooth & Shine for all hair types!

Shea & Jojoba Multi Treatment

Complete nourishment for the scalp, hair and cuticles alike. Enhance hair and nail growth and strength. Calm scalp ailments and moisturize cuticles. This natural treatment delivers results like never before! Benefits for Hair: Increase growth rate, volume, moisture levels, shine, strength and elasticity. Reduce frizz and split ends.Benefits for the Scalp: Reduce or eliminate dry, itchy, flaky scalp. Improve scalp ailments, such as psoriasis etc. Benefits for Nails/Cuticles: Increase nail growth, reduce cracks and chips, soften and moisturize the cuticles.