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Transcend to a higher level of tranquility with our luxurious body products from Hair Tree Therapy in Dresden, Ontario. We offer a lavish scrub, creamy lotions & natural deodorant and so much more to come!

Our natural Facial Therapy System delivers outstanding results for all skin types.  The pure ingredients in these specialty products offer skin rejuvenation, cellular repair and a youthful appearance to even the most sensitive of skin types.  At HairTree Therapy, your individual complexion comes first!



Available in 4oz/120ml size

To repair your extremely dry or cracked hands and feet, lather on our intensely nourishing Remedy Cream. This salve-type lotion is beneficial in the aid and healing of major skin ailments, including eczema and psoriasis, and SO MUCH MORE. Available in 120ml jars only.


• great for dry, chapped skin
• reduces the appearance of scars • reduces the darkness of stretch marks
• helps relief itchy skin
• reduces the discomfort of rashes
• wonderful for baby butts - use as a diaper barrier
• greatly improves skin ailments like eczema,
   dermatitis, psoriasis etc

Natural Deodorant

Available in 75ml size

Eliminate underarm odor while avoiding the usual white deodorant residue on your skin and clothing when you apply our all-natural product. 

This vegetable-based deodorant is completely chemical-free and contains no artificial colours or fragrances. 


• naturally reduce unwanted body odour
• will not leave white residue
• will help prevent razor bumps or in grown hairs
• safe and natural
• can be used on underarms and/or soles of the feet

ReNew  Daily Lotion (Formerly ReNew Lotion)


Available in 8oz/250ml

(by order only 1L/32oz)

Amazement!! Imagine the feel of silky smooth skin, without the greasy after feel of regular lotions.  Our comforting, therapeutic and hydrating lotion; glides on the skin beautifully and absorbs readily.  Not only offering toning and firming properties, but is the ultimate protection barrier!  Helping to moisturize, balance hydration, soothe the skin from head to toe, aid in the healing process of skin conditions, reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones, cellulite and even facial wrinkles. Non pore clogging making this a perfect choice for all skin types, and all ages!
Can be used as a hand, foot, body and/or facial cream

ReNew Daily Exfoliant (formerly ReNew Scrub Wash)


Available in 8oz/250ml size

Wow!!  It's your time to radiate! Stand out in the crowd with a rejuvenated, refreshed and youthful glow! Our detoxifying, renewing and healing formula provides a soft exfoliate, and wonderful antioxidant properties, all while cleansing and clarifying pores, firming and hydrating the skin and helping to balance natural oil production.  Highly effective for cleansing as well as gently brushing away dead skin cells, yet mild enough to use 1-2x daily. Outstanding results for all ages and all skin types. 
Can be used as a hand, foot, facial and/or body scrub!  

VitaLize Wash--Head to Toe Cleanser

Great for ALL Skin types

Available in 8oz/250ml size

VitaLize Wash can be used from head to toe, safe for all ages and skin types, as well as unruly hair!! This luxuriant light lathering wash, provides our hair, scalp & skin with an overload of vitamins, minerals & omegas to increase hair growth, nourish the scalp & promote radiance of all skin types. Natural clays and charcoal help with detoxification & gentle cleansing. Salts from the most mineral rich areas of the world encourage cellular repair. Certified oils, extracts & herbs boost scalp & skin circulation to improve clarity & natural glow - while increasing hair strength, elasticity, shine & overall manageability. Nourish, refresh and re-VitaLize from head to toe with HairTree’s VitaLize Wash Formula!  

Helps prolong artificial colours

Helps with scalp and skin ailments
Increases hair growth rate
Earth Clays and Activated Charcoal that fully detoxify the scalp, skin and hair-100% naturally
Clarifies scalp, skin
Nourishes hair shaft

Strengthens hair shaft
Boost vitamin and mineral levels of the scalp, skin
Enhances natural shine
Moisturizes skin
Balances sebum production levels
Encourages proper scalp and skin circulation

Age ReVerse Toner

All Skin Types

Available in 8oz/250ml size 

Splash some life into your complexion, improve skin lipid content and promote firmness. Superior detoxification properties that help to cleanse the pores and give you the smooth, soft skin tone you have dreamt of.  Balancing moisture levels, rejuvenating the skin, tightening large/open pores and decreasing the appearance of aging!
Result: a glowing, youthful complexion! 

Age ReVerse Firming Clay Powder

Available in 2oz /60ml jars

Prepare for wrinkle minimizing, ultra firming results with our high-quality Age ReVerse Firming Mask. Enjoy a high-quality, spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home. Our masks works beautifully on the face or body to offer instant results. Available in 60ml jars only (not recommended for sensitive skin-due to the intense firming action created)

• great for aging skin, as well as black head prone skin
• intense firming action
• instantly tones and tightens the skin
• contains anti-aging actives to rejuvenate skin
• naturally reduces fine lines and wrinkles quickly
• promotes a youthful glow
• evens out skin tones-softens the texture of the skin
• brightens complexion • detoxifies the skin deeply

Age ReVerse Eye & Lip Cream

Available in 20ml jars

Back by popular demand AND with an improved, better than ever formula!!

The Age Reverse Eye and Lip Cream is as natural as it gets...as pure as ever...but the benefits and improvements it provides are nearly miraculous!!!  The combination of the NATURAL ingredients work to boost skin elasticity, collagen production, cell rejuvenation and cell renewal. All while reducing uneven skin tones, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and the look and feel of “tired eyes”. Plus these therapeutic ingredients together- deliver a slight plumping effect to the skin naturally that further aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the lip area! Hands down the most beautiful product to ever be used on your face and the results speak for themselves!!!!  This product will not only be a “want”...it will become a “need” for all of us!

Lip ResQ PROTECT...available in 3 formulas 

Coco & Nilla, Cool Mint & Nutty Buddy

This ultra rich lip care is specially formulated to provide an intense protective barrier and encourages the healing of chapped or split skin of the lips. It not only shields your lips from the elements, but also gives them a soft glossy look and feel. 

Leaving your lips tasting like a chocolate and vanilla milkshake, a candy cane, or a pina colada! NATURALLY!  CONTAINS NON-NANO ZINC OXIDE FOR ADDED PROTECTION!! NO SPF CLAIMS HAVE BEEN MADE !

ReStore Lotion Bar

For Dry Skin
A therapeutic and nourishing solid butter lotion that provides intense moisture to the driest of skin types. Heavily enriched with natural butters and beeswax. Naturally scented with restoring certified oils. Conveniently packaged in a roll up tube for a "mess free" application!!

Coco Whip Butter
For Extreme Skin Hydration
8oz/250ml jars
100% Natural, Vegan
An intensely moisturizing butter whip lotion to promote optimal skin hydration! Formulated to boost cell rejuvenation and repair, increasing moisture levels and acting as a barrier for top protection!  Naturally scented with unrefined Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Cacao Powder,  leaving your skin smelling like a chocolate kiss! NATURALLY and so BEAUTIFUL!!!   

Nilla Whip Butter
For Extreme Skin Hydration

100% Natural, Vegan
An intensely moisturizing butter whip lotion to promote optimal skin hydration! Formulated to boost cell rejuvenation and repair, increasing moisture levels and acting as a barrier for top protection!  Naturally scented with unrefined Vanilla Extract, Absolute Vanilla Oil, unrefined Shea and Jojoba Butters, leaving your skin smelling like a vanilla milkshake! NATURALLY and so BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Nutty Whip Butter

Extreme Hydration


An intensely moisturizing butter whip lotion to promote optimal skin hydration! Formulated to boost cell rejuvenation and repair, increasing moisture levels and acting as a barrier for top protection! Naturally scented with unrefined Coconut Oil and Shea Butter and a touch of Organic Coconut Extract for additional scent. Leaving your skin smelling like a summer day!!  

Mint Whip Butter

Extreme Hydration


An intensely moisturizing butter whip lotion to promote optimal skin hydration! Formulated to boost cell rejuvenation and repair, increasing moisture levels and acting as a barrier for top protection! Scented naturally with certified organic peppermint oils. Leaving your skin feeling cool, refreshed and smelling like a candy cane!


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