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Bath Fizz & Clay Packs


Available in 6 mini packs (2 Get Well Soon, 2 Energizing Zone, 2 Sweet Dreams) and will give the customer 6 therapeutic bath experiences!!

*Get Well Soon…Bath Fizzy Clay Packet (light brown colour):

Aromatherapy bringing a sense of well-being and clarity. Australian Clays are known to help Strengthening the epidermis, while cleansing and purifying the skin. Oat Flakes to calm skin irritations and Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint to clear sinuses and relieve stiffness. Perfect tub additive when you are under the weather!

*Energizing Zone…Bath Fizzy Clay Packet (light green colour):

Up lifting, energizing and sensual aromatherapy from beautiful and epidermis loving oils of neroli, sandalwood and bergamot. French Green Clay that tighten pores, firm and tone the skin and oat flakes to help with skin irritations. Perfect setting to reduce anxieties or just to brighten the day ahead! 

*Sweet Dreams…Bath Fizzy Clay Packet (light coral colour):

Calming aromatherapy and a gentle, natural cleanse for the skin. French Pink Clay and Australian Red Reef Clay provide essential minerals to revitalize, soften and create an overall refreshed appearance. Oat Flakes to calm skin irritations and Lavender to bring a sense of relaxation to your mind and body! Perfect setting for an evening bath!


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